Barcelon Associates Management Corporation's Core Values


TO EACH OTHER, we work as a team valuing and respecting our differences, building on our strengths, and compensating for our weaknesses. We honor and respect each person's gifts, feelings and contributions. Communication, active listening, and admiration will help us reach our common goals and preserve our sense of being part of an extended family.

TO THOSE WE WORK WITH, our on-site associates are the keys to our success. Every day they earn our respect, appreciation and empathy. We will endeavor to encourage our associates to grow, explore, and share new concepts and opportunities that will inspire them to grow with us as a member of our extended family. Our associates are cherished individuals whom merit our encouragement, training, understanding, nurturing, and dignity.

TO THOSE WE WORK FOR, we provide our residents with well-managed communities, which enrich their lives. We always show a sincere concern for supplying high quality services that meet their needs. We will keep in mind that our services to them are of paramount importance to their lives. We will show our residents sensitivity, compassion, dignity and fairness.

TO THOSE WHOM ENTRUST US, we offer each client; integrity, accountability, experience, and a dedication to proactive professional management services. To the best of our ability, we will fulfill each client's individual needs, desires, and goals. Our team spirit and whatever it takes commitment will serve each client whom entrusts us.

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Barcelon Associates Management Corporation

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