Corporate Support Service

Corporate Support Service

Barcelon Associates Management Corporation maintains a staff of highly trained and experienced accounting personnel. Our corporate accounting staff assists on-site staff with day to day procedures, as well as generating monthly financial reports for owners and boards of directors. We offer both our standard monthly report as well as our ability to supply customized reports based upon the needs and desires of both owners and boards

Barcelon Associates Management Corporation occupancy staff are specifically trained and qualified to assure complete and accurate compliance with all regulatory agencies such as HUD (U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development), state housing finance agencies, and local housing institutions.

Social Services
Barcelon Associates Management Corporation is proud to provide social services as component of our operations. Our Social Services Department provides supervision to a staff of on- site social service coordinators serving seniors, families as well as mobility impaired adults. To those sites without on-site service coordinators, this department offers emergency and urgent service coordination. Working closely with residents, their families and the community, we strive to support the ability of each senior resident to age in place, for mobility impaired adults to live as full and productive a life as possible, and for children and families to grow and thrive. In addition, this department provides planning and development in the field of social service provision for all types of properties and residents and communities.

Human Resources
Our Human Resources department manages all payroll and employee benefits issues for each site that we manage. Through our centralized service, we maintain strict adherence to all relevant employment regulations. We are proud of the wide range of benefits that we offer our employees.

Asset Management
Barcelon Associates Management Corporation employs a staff of highly qualified field Asset Managers who each oversee the management of several properties. It is the role of our asset managers to assist on-site property administrators with their day to day operations, as well as assure that each property remains in compliance with Barcelon Associates Management Corporation's management philosophy as well as all applicable government regulations. The asset manager, along with the on-site administrator maintains a close relationship with property owners.

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